FFE 2017-18

The Fund for Excellence

A gift today. An experience tomorrow. A memory forever.


You can enhance excellence at ISZL by financing projects requested by faculty and students for unique learning opportunities beyond our usual classroom experience.


The FFE is your opportunity to support faculty in their effort to enhance learning. Show your appreciation and create a unique learning opportunity for your child.


Through donations, sponsorships and event attendance of parents, faculty/staff, local businesses and corporations, the FFE receives the means to fund these projects.

Media Production Studio - Whole School

Not only will this flexible-use media (TV/video) production studio provide immeasurable benefits to students, it will foster communication and community, allowing all stakeholders to view high-grade media.

Music Workshop - Middle School

Middle School students benefited from workshops with Irish multi-instrumentalist and composer David Preston and his band of Swiss musicians called Caligo.

Aquaponics - Whole School

Aquaponics is the science of creating a full circle ecosystem, involving fish, plants and bugs. The idea is that each supports another and will require no further needs, besides electricity and maintenance.

Polar Heart Rate Sensors - Middle School

Heart Rate Sensors can be used for all sports (including swimming) or other activities. They will give us great data for Physical Health Education (PHE), maths and science lessons, as well as feedback sports teams etc.

Visiting Artists - Middle School

Middle School and Grade 5 students recently had the wonderful opportunity of working with a visiting artist, Sian Lysaght from Amsterdam, on a large-scale, community based piece called 'The Tree of Life'.

Youth Forum Switzerland 2018

The Youth Forum Switzerland (YFS) is the creation of a group of globally engaged high school students who attended the Open Forum Davos in January 2017. Their transformative experience inspired them to organize an event in the same spirit, which will give youth a voice in global issues in central Switzerland.

Arts Room Refit - Primary School

We're redesigning the Primary School Arts Room into a truly functional Visual Arts Room with appropriate furniture to store materials and accommodate the arts learning style.

Outdoor Stage Area - Primary School

The proposed outdoor stage would be a semi-permanent raised stage with three levels, including a small step in the front, a wider step in the middle, and a larger space on the highest level.

Visiting Author - Middle School

Visiting author will be the author of a book the whole Middle School would have read. The author will give reading and writing workshops to all grades.

Visiting Musician - High School

Musician David Preston visited the high school students during their second unit called "What makes a good song?" where students learn to write their own songs. Two students reflect on their time working with David.