Impact of Giving

2016-17 Fund for Excellence Success

Thank you to all our donors and supporters!

Donations made to the annual fund, either directly or through our Gala Evening and Golf Tournament, made it possible for 18 projects to be funded which in turn impacted over 1,200 students across all divisions. Thank you to all our supporters!

FFE Projects 2016-17

Film maker Yasmin Labidi was a fantastic presenter and inspired much debate at the high school Gender Inequality Film Festival.

"Thanks very much for funding this event so we could show one of the film Where to Miss at the film festival." – Martin Peel, Assistant Principal – Academic, Riverside Campus

Our most experienced ski racers went through extensive training with professional coaches Nacho Garcia and Nathan Taugwalder, as well as our coach Kyle Hawkins, who summarised: "The week went really well in Zermatt. The days were very full with training, fitness and ski tuning but the kids all made significant improvements and will be well prepared for the start of the season." And coach Nacho added: "We had a great week of training. The conditions could not be better (we were extremely lucky, with sun and hard snow conditions most days). The team has evolved very nicely and most of them go automatically to prepare their skis every day. The focus has also increased as well as the basic ski technique."


Another saxophone and other musical items in our band means more students learning unique instruments.

With contribution from the Parents Association Riverside Campus, three more all-weather outdoor picnic tables with umbrellas were installed.

School news and announcements can be shared more easily in a prime location. Whether a spirit day, birthday or test day, High School students will know.
Requested by Student Council, this monitor now allows them to display announcements, event details, birthday wishes and other messages in the cafeteria.
Having a freestanding slack line now means an additional activity for our Climbing Club students to develop their balance and core.


EY1 & EY2 students will have the opportunity to observe the physical differences between the animals that live in the forest and from this to develop their own theories about why these differences may occur. Comparisons will be made between a red squirrel and a grey Squirrel, a mole and a hedgehog, a rat and a vole, a magpie and a bat, a marten and a stoat, and a kingfisher and a woodpecker.

Kindergarten students learn about the behaviours that these animals exhibit in order for them to survive in the forest. They are then able to experience how these animals use their developed senses within the framework of their own sensory experience.

These Kindergarteners are learning about how moles hunt for worms in their tunnels by using sensitive whiskers to feel for the vibrations. To guide the blindfolded Kindergartener's proprioceptive sense, they are using audition to sense from where the vibrations of sound (made by balls with bells inside) are being made.

After they had finished the activity they realised that their own movements had made a track in the ground (representing the moles tunnel). They then went on to learn about how field voles use mole tunnels to run along, in order to escape from birds of prey.

Grade 1 students will discuss how each of these animals can impact and be impacted by sharing the local environment with humans. They will be tasked with arriving at novel solutions to suit both the animals and the humans in order that we can all potentially share and thrive in the same environment.

Primary School students enjoyed a visit from a professional theatre company and an opportunity for cultural enrichment.

Burglar Bill came to Zug Campus for a day of professional theatre performances for the whole primary school.

The art of poetry comes in many forms and we were privileged to have slam poet Harry Baker visit the Zug Campus and showcase Slam Poetry.  Harry is a poetry slam champion involved in many poetry slams including winning the Poetry Slam World Cup 2012.  Harry is quite the lyrical genius and we were delighted he was able to be here inspiring future poets with his assemblies and poetry writing workshops.

Performance poetry is written with the audience in mind and poetry slams are the competitions for these performance poets.  The poet shares his poetry aloud engaging and encouraging the audience to participate.

Harry shared his poetry writing process and enthusiasm during his workshops and highlighted that poetry is for everyone. The students created some amazing poems practicing his techniques. Many were inspired to share their poems not only in class but in a whole school assembly too!

Ptolemy Elrington, a sculptor from the UK visited the High School, Middle School and Primary School, during the week of 30th January to Friday 3rd February. His work is embedded in the re-cycling and up-cycling movements as he works with found as well as donated items. Ptolemy began to sculpt using found hubcaps that had fallen from the wheels of moving cars. Now he creates wonderful animals from various materials.

Ptolemy worked with the High School students in Grade 9 (wearable art) and Grade 10 (sculptural work), introducing his work and offering advice on ways to make connections and types of materials. From Tuesday until Thursday he worked with a variety of students from Grade 6 through 8 on creating a wonderful Eagle (the ISZL mascot). The Mezzanine was awash with recycling kindly donated by the staff and student body, and excited students sorting, arranging and attaching. The final creation can be viewed in the Baarburg Gallery in the Middle School. On Friday Ptolemy spent the day with students from Grade 3 and they all had a wonderful day making amazing animal and organic sculptures, again, from collected and donated re-cycled materials. I saw a wonderful foil lion wandering around. It was a fabulous week, and was enjoyed by all, especially Ptolemy who was hugely complimentary about our wonderfully respectful and creative students.

In early September, students from Early Years to Grade 3 were treated to an interactive workshop with Michael Bradke of the Mobiles Musik Museum. Mr Bradke took the children on a musical world tour, demonstrating how different cultures use their bodies and voices to create music. The children made authentic connections between music and language, mathematics, and movement. Some highlights of the workshop were clapping and dancing to Spanish flamenco music, clapping and counting along to patterns inspired by Indian talas, and improvising songs using the syllables of the children's names. It was very exciting to see all of the children singing, clapping, and dancing along throughout the workshop.

On behalf of all of the students and teachers who benefited from this experience, we would like to thank the generous parents and community who have contributed to the Fund For Excellence.

It's game time all the time with this weatherproof scoreboard for soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

Close matches can be watched even closer with visible score keeping for all to see.


The student-led Environment Service Learning Group has made new developments for their thriving garden.

Once again, a million thanks for supporting this project. The students, Shayne and myself are having a lot of fun out there in the garden. It is also a fantastic kinaesthetic learning experience which teaches students real life project management skills. – Stephen Boyd, MS Science Teacher

The ISZL Grade 8 Personal Development Programme and the internationally renowned Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme focus on experiential learning, developing the qualities of self-confidence, resilience and resourcefulness, much needed to operate effectively and successfully in today's world. The PD Programme operates as a component of the scheduled curriculum for all Grade 8 students; the DOE Award is an optional extra, requiring personal commitment and independence to fulfil the stringent requirements of the scheme.

Thanks to the FFE we have been able to upgrade our tent stock, buying 4 light weight 3.5 season tents, suitable for the unpredictable conditions that high altitude camping can throw at us, even in June! Over the years, we have experienced all from brilliant sun, to snowstorms! We were also able to increase the supplies of quality cooking equipment and to purchase a few backpacks for the use of students unable to purchase their own.

Over the last 12 years, a little over 1'000 students have passed through Grade 8, all have followed the Personal Development Programme and some 400 of those have additionally challenged themselves by taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. Both sit at the heart of our curriculum, and have grown from strength to strength over the years. With your help and support we can continue to supply outstanding quality and help launch strong and well-balanced individuals to take their place in the next stage of their educational journey. Many thanks to all. – Liz Jewit

Playing outdoors is now more fun with a new table tennis table!

Students (and staff) can enjoy a break from the books with a friendly game of table tennis in the great outdoors of Riverside Campus.

With this in-house set of music stands, Chalet Bergheim is ready to host student music retreats during the school year.