Comprised of dedicated students, faculty and staff, the Youth Forum Switzerland Team hopes to provide youth in Central Switzerland a platform to discuss global issues and ultimately take action in their respective communities.

Lead Student Organizers

Camilla R.

It all started with a list of panelists and a highlighter in my hand. I was looking through the names and then a phrase caught my attention: gender equality. This is what Cynthia Castro has built her career on and has been fighting for, for many years. Encouraged by my teachers, I then decided to send her a tweet asking if she had time to meet with me. I was definitely not expecting a response at all but the best things come as a surprise. Meeting Cynthia truly was an honor and an inspiration for me and as a result, the Youth Forum Switzerland is now reality! My trip to OFD, not only taught me not to be intimidated of creating a personal networks, but also that there are great people on this planet and that my generation must take action!

Willemijn P.

The trip to the Open Forum was an unforgettable experience. I was able to spend two days completely surrounded by knowledgeable and inspiring people who are changing the world, each in their own ways. Teenage girls in Afghanistan challenging the norms of their country for their love of music, to a human rights lawyer breaking down unfair borders for other lawyers in Pakistan, to a 17-year old part of a lawsuit against the U.S. Government. These were just a few of the people we had the chance to meet and listen to whilst they discussed some of the most important issues that affect our world today. I came back from the trip feeling inspired by the experience, so naturally I am very excited that we are able to share our experience with our local community through the Youth Forum Switzerland.

Aurore M.

Going to the Open Forum was one of the most fascinating events I have ever attended. I cannot deny that I felt apprehensive in the beginning as we were surrounded by adults who had strong opinions and were actually contributing to solve important global issues. After being encouraged to ask to some of the panelists questions, it was really amazing that they were so open to talking to us and directly answered our questions. These conversations made me realise that we are the people that these change makers are attempting to address. I think that is why the Youth Forum Switzerland has so much potential value as it is so important for the younger generations to be inspired take action and that is what this event will aim to do.

Student Organizers

Anna Y. Caroline G. Chanine E.

Christoffer G. Darius S. Doga U.
Isaac G. Liya B. Lucas R.

Noa A. Ottelien VM.

Sophia K.

Staff Organizers

Ian Carr, John Dalesio, Dion Harmsen, Cate Jarvis, Christopher Koch, Sebastian Mattheier, Clint McCowan, Isabel Miguens, Fabion Paron, Ashley Ringger, Armin Schicker, Robert Sugden, Tim Tattle, Ole Wasner