Chalet Bergheim | Outdoor Centre

A Retreat in the Berner Oberland

ISZL's Chalet Bergheim has generously sized en-suite rooms, a lounge, a multi-purpose classroom and dining area. With spectacular mountain ranges, 213 kilometres of prepared ski slopes, hiking trails, waterfalls, glaciers and the Lauterbrunnen Gorge all in close proximity, Chalet Bergheim is busy all year long, hosting at least 30 student trips in any academic year as well as other meetings, workshops and conferences.

The centre can accommodate up to 100 students and staff, involved in a wide range of diverse activities from field studies in alpine environments to ski team competitions and wind and string instrument rehearsals. Chalet Bergheim completes the ISZL learning experience in so many ways, whether it is an International Award trip or a Physics in the Mountains trip. Students work both inside the Chalet and outside using the unique environment around them as an extension of the classroom.


International School of Zug and Luzern
Chalet Bergheim 
3823 Wengen