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ISZL is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and offers the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Explore each corner of ISZL.

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ISZL’s active and innovative community always has something happening on and off campus.
Youth Forum Switzerland 2020
Mary Russo

The Youth Forum Switzerland (YFS) is the work of motivated ISZL students who attended the Davos World Economic Forum in 2017. Inspired by their experience, they created a similar global event for young people in central Switzerland and further afield.

Our Civic Responsibilities
By Barry Dequanne, Director

ISZL's vision is to help every student turn learning into action, creating opportunities for students to stretch themselves further and achieve more than they believe possible. The realisation of this vision will look different at every level of the school. At the Kindergarten level, our students were able to turn their learning into something they may not have thought possible - to cross a busy street alone.

Personal Development Week: Turning Learning Into Action
By Barry Dequanne, Director

Our vision at ISZL is to help every student turn their learning into action - an approach that is designed to support every student in realising how much they are capable of and to go on to make the most of who they are. In support of this vision for learning are our school’s Personal Development Week experiences that offer students exceptional learning environments and meaningful and relevant growth opportunities.

Inclusion: 'We Are All ISZL'
By Barry Dequanne, Director

'We are all ISZL' are the words that best capture our recent work in the area of inclusion. For the past year, ISZL staff and representative groups of students and parents have been engaging in professional development sessions, workshops, and discussions focused on inclusion and what we value as a community.

The Eagle Experience

As a leading international school, ISZL prides itself on its innovative and highly qualified teachers, world-class facilities, warm and welcoming community and service-oriented culture.