Celebrating 60 years of excellence in education 

Exceptional Academic Programmes

ISZL is a fully accredited, International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and offers the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our Continuity of Learning Plan supports each student's continued growth and development when learning at home. Explore our school's divisions:

News and Stories

ISZL’s active and innovative community always has something happening on and off campus.
Girls using multilink cubes in Maths

Primary Specialist Neil McCallion explains how ISZL's annual mathematics retreat inspires and motivates learners

An ISZL student brings coffee to a repair cafe volunteer

ISZL students work with Gemeinde Baar to breathe new life into broken household goods, creating a more sustainable world, one hairdryer at a time

A collage of the ISZL Grade 7 music videos
Joanna Cull

Alexis Dahl explains how the Fund for Excellence turned a Grade 7 Middle School music video project into an in-house virtual arts festival, with artists streaming in from as far afield as Los Angeles

Jacqueline and her EAL students
Joanna Cull

ISZL English as an Additional Language teacher, Jacqueline Newman, reflects on her years at ISZL for its 60th Anniversary

Across the Generations
Chloe Hummel

Suzanne (Suzy) Spoerri compares her time at the school which became ISZL, with her daughter’s experience at the school 40 years later

ISZL and First Languages
Chloe Hummel

Dr. Lorna Caputo-Greenall examines the way ISZL supports and celebrates its students' multilingual backgrounds

A Passion to Innovate
Chloe Hummel

Grade 10 student Matteo M turned his passion for aquarium keeping and gardening into a $10,000 grant for ISZL’s Aquaponics system, in which plants and fish live in harmony. Here, Matteo explains how he impressed the judges for the Middle Years Programme’s Student Innovators Grant.

Cows' hearts and Catapults
Chloe Hummel

ISZL’s Acting Principal for Grades 3-5, David Secomb, explains how the inquiry-based system of the IB’s Primary Years Programme encourages curiosity and flexible thinking

Reimagining Outdoor Education
Chloe Hummel

When Covid measures meant that many of ISZL’s annual sporting events were unable to take place, our Athletic Department took it as an opportunity to transform their entire curriculum, as Athletic Director Hans Engl explains:

We Are All ISZL Poster
Joanna Cull

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinators and Network group explain the work they are doing at ISZL

The ISZL Difference

Through dynamic and hands-on learning opportunities offered in and outside the classroom, a rigorous academic programme, community and service orientated experiences, and the international cultures represented by our community, ISZL connects students to the greater world around them.