a caring and holistic approach

It is the focus of the Health Team to ensure the health and wellness needs of each child are attended to through a caring and holistic approach. Our goals are to empower students with appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence to care for themselves and others around them. We know that people learn most effectively when they are happy and healthy.

ISZL Health Team

ISZL has registered nursing staff on duty on both campuses during the school day. ISZL nurses act in a first response capacity for any student medical conditions that might arise. They coordinate the provision of medical needs, provide care for minor illnesses and injuries, and advise on referral to outside resources when deemed necessary. In addition, all faculty and staff at ISZL are certified in First Aid.

School health form

ISZL requires that a health form be submitted before a student can attend classes and activities at ISZL. The school nurses manage the health of your child based on the information given on this health form, so it is important that it is filled out completely with emergency contact information, emergency treatment authorisation, immunisation records and the authorisation to administer medication.

Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

If your child has a chronic illness or health condition that could result in a life-threatening medical situation (diabetes, anaphylaxis, heart condition, seizure disorder, etc.), our nurses will create an individualised emergency care plan. The emergency care plan will identify and explain the medical condition and outline what to do in an emergency situation. This plan will be distributed to all faculty and staff involved with your child.

Counselling Services

For students in need of behavioural, social and emotional support, ISZL also offers Counselling Services.