Seasonal Celebration: A Recap of Our Community Festival

ISZL community festival
Seasonal Celebration: A Recap of Our Community Festival
Fiona Flintham

We reflect on our annual seasonal celebration and how it takes a full community spirit to make it a success.


This past weekend, the Zug Campus was a hive of activity as our ISZL community came together for our annual day of celebration.  Over two months of meticulous planning culminated in a festival that brought joy to the community and showcased the power of collective effort.

The festival has gone through several changes over the years, this year including a food drive in support of the Schweitzer Tafel.

Community Spirit in Full Swing
Many of our dedicated staff worked tirelessly the day before to set up the event, where over 800 community members gathered in the true spirit of giving thanks.  25 enthusiastic student volunteers and 1 alum played pivotal roles throughout the event and contributed to the festival's success.

Activities and Food Stations
The festival was enhanced by diverse activities and food offerings. Seven activity stations provided entertainment and engagement for all ages, creating an inclusive and fun atmosphere with soccer, arts and crafts, face painting, and a silent disco.

The three food stations offered a seasonal meal that included 50 turkeys, 110kgs of mashed potatoes (with 70kgs of potatoes peeled), 50kgs of sweetcorn, 20 litres of Glühwein, and an incredible array of over 200 desserts that were brought by community members.

In a commitment to making a positive impact, our goal was to work towards zero waste so all food waste was collected to turn into Biogas and all cutlery and plates were biodegradable.  This commitment to sustainability extended to the Schweizer Tafel food drive, which surpassed last year's target with a collection of long-life packaged food and toiletries.

Listen to our ISZL Podcast episode where host Joanna Cull interviews various individuals involved in the festival, including Lorna Graham, who organised the event, Jenny, an admissions officer in charge of desserts, Camila, who made Brazilian desserts, Darryl Anne, an ISZL alumni, Wolfgang, the head of food and beverage, and Louisa and Liz, who are PA leads for the primary school. They discuss their experiences with the festival and their favourite aspects of it.


Listen to the full episode now on Apple, Google or Spotify.


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