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Working at ISZL


We encourage you to take advantage of the exciting opportunities for personal and professional development at ISZL. For our Faculty and Staff, we seek professionals who are:

  • Motivated by our mission statement.
  • Truly care about the academic and personal development of our students.
  • Believe in the need for continued professional development.
  • Practice working with parents as partners.
  • Possess the personal values that are aligned with our values and those of the International Baccalaureate.
  • From a varied range of backgrounds so as to appropriately reflect the demographics of a diverse parent and student community.

Available Positions

Why work at ISZL?

Voices from our Faculty and Staff

Bernadette Fässler
  • Faculty & Staff

Armed with mostly high school music, philosophy and coaching experiences from South Africa and the UK, I joined the ISZL teaching staff on Valentine’s Day 2006. It has been an amazingly awesome adventure of ...

  • Community Voices
  • Staff
Kevin Berndt
  • Faculty & Staff

I am a teacher and parent in the ISZL community. As a teacher I have found the staff to be warm and open...

  • Community Voices
  • Staff
Mark Newman
  • Faculty & Staff

The ever present respected rapport between students and faculty at the High School promotes open, honest and mature communication. I can sit down with a sports team captain and discuss...

  • Community Voices
  • Staff

News about our Faculty and Staff