Submit Application Papers

Thank you for your interest in ISZL!

We are committed to making your school experience enriching and rewarding and there are just a few simple steps to complete an application which are outlined below. Please call +41 41 768 29 42 with any questions.

How to Apply

As part of the admissions process, ISZL requires specific documents to assist in the enrolment of students. Applications can be received and applicants may be admitted throughout the school year subject to grade level availability.

As ISZL is the school of choice in the area, demand for places can be high and we would recommend submitting application documents well in advance of the required entry date where possible. 

The application requirements vary according to the age of the applicant and the school division for which they are applying. Below are the required documents for each school division:

Submitting YOUR Application

Once all of the necessary forms and documents are ready for submission, please send them directly via email to 

or to

Admissions Department
The International School of Zug and Luzern
Walterswil 1
6340 Baar
Phone: +41 41 768 29 42

Please keep in mind that ISZL cannot make enrolment decisions until all documents have been received.

What Happens Next?