Tuition and Fees


ISZL recognises the deep commitment a family makes when investing in an international school education. We take your investment seriously and work diligently to balance affordability with our world class education programme.

In the written offer of a place at ISZL, we will request a non-refundable registration fee per student and the place will be guaranteed at our school upon receipt. The registration fee is a one-off payment and will not be off-set against the tuition fee. ISZL does not offer a discount on the tuition fees for siblings nor do we offer financial aid or scholarships. Please use the menu below to view school fees for the 2019-20 academic year per school division.

Early Years | Ages 3 - 6

Early Years 1
Registration - one time No registration fee
Tuition - mornings only CHF 15'200.--
Tuition - full time CHF 23'900.--
Early Years 2

Registration - one time CHF 3'000.--
Tuition - mornings only
CHF 15'400.--
Tuition - full timeCHF 25'400.--

Registration - one time CHF 5'000.--
Tuition CHF 29'600.--
Extra English (EAL) CHF 2'000.--

Primary School | Ages 6 - 12

Registration - one time CHF 5'000.--
Tuition CHF 29'750.--
Extra English (EAL) CHF 2'000.--

Middle School | Ages 12 - 14

Registration - one time CHF 5'000.--
Tuition CHF 32'800.--
Extra English (EAL) CHF 2'000.--

High School | Ages 14 - 18

Grades 9 and 10
Registration - one time CHF 5'000.--
Tuition CHF 34'950.--
Extra English (EAL) CHF 2'000.--
Grades 11 and 12
Registration - one time CHF 5'000.--
Tuition CHF 35'450.--

Extra English (EAL)

CHF 2'000.--


Additional Fees and Expenses

Upon entry into ISZL the level of your child's English may be assessed. Based on the results of the assessment or on any future assessment, it will be for the school to decide whether your child requires English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. Please be aware that there is an additional cost of CHF 2,000 - per child for participating in the EAL programme. It is also at the discretion of the school to decide when a student should exit the EAL programme.

In addition to EAL support, supplementary costs may include: