About our Community


ISZL has many connections with the wider Swiss community, including sports connections and community links. At a family level, there are plenty of local opportunities for clubs and activities. Our community will give you valuable advice on how to access local services to enable you to make the most of your time in Switzerland.

Where our families live

Top 10 Postcodes for ISZL Families

1. 6300 Zug
2. 6340 Baar
3. 6315 Alosen, Oberägeri
4. 6314 Unterägeri
5. 6330 Cham
6. 6318 Walchwil
7. 6343 Risch-Rotkreutz
8. 6312 Steinhausen
9. 6315 Oberwil bei Zug
10. 6331 Hünenberg


For a more detailed map of Central Switzerland and information about travel to ISZL, download our Getting to ISZL flyer. 

download getting to iszl

An ISZL Welcome

New joiners to ISZL - students and families - are warmly welcomed into our thriving, diverse community where all members strive to make you feel as connected and supported as possible.

From parent clubs to our well-loved meeting place Coffee Corner, we work hard to give you the help and advice you need as a new family, as well as providing social connections and a listening ear. Read here about the efforts made by our school and our Parents’ Association to help you feel settled and an important part of our community.


Our ISZL Parents’ Association is an open, welcoming environment where new joiners are invited to get in touch and get involved. There is a PA Welcome Fair for new joiners at the start of the academic year, but no matter what time of year you join the school, the PA will be there to help with your transition.

There are several parent clubs including choir, hiking and various fitness clubs, and further afield there is a thriving Zug and Luzern expat community, offering English-speaking services and clubs.

There is also a range of after-school clubs based at ISZL in all three school divisions. A full list of events is published each term, but you can find more details in our Programmes section here.