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Stan L. '10

Stan L. attended The Riverside School before graduating in 2010 from ISZL. During his time at our school, Stan was very involved in sports like basketball, soccer, track and field and the ski team. His passion for sports continues as he plays professionally for Fribourg Olympic Basketball in Fribourg, Switzerland while earning his Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance.

Before starting his career, Stan attended the University of Fribourg and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He started working in the Finance department of PepsiCo three days a week during his studies to earn some extra money and gain some professional experience for his CV.

Now, alongside work and earning his Master’s degree, he plays basketball at the highest national division for a team which has won the most championships of any team in all of Switzerland. That’s not a bad track record! As it’s his first year playing for a professional team, he has had to work hard to earn his playing time. “We practise twice almost every day and I usually only miss one practise per week due to working at PepsiCo in the morning,” Stan shares.

Half of the team members play basketball as their full time job. The other half are semi-professionals and often work or attend school/university while playing. All players are provided with accommodation and food by the club. Additionally, Stan and other rookies earn a small salary from the club to cover things like health insurance and everyday supplies.

Although working, studying and playing ball may seem like a lot to manage, Stan says, “Working helps me fill my days and get my mind off of basketball which is necessary sometimes. I'm very thankful for this job and to have a great team to work with. I have picked up a lot of knowledge that will give me a great boost to continue building my professional career.” Stan hopes to complete his Master’s degree, continue working part-time while playing basketball and ultimately have a full-time professional career at an international company.


While Stan misses his carefree high school days and seeing his friends on a regular basis, he tries to go home to see friends and family in central Switzerland in his free time. Maintaining contact with friends and family is very important to Stan and he “always does his best to see them whenever he gets an opportunity.” Photo: Stan and Victor Agov on graduation day, June 2010.

Find out when Stan's next game is by visiting the Fribourg Olympic Basketball website.


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