Faculty and Staff

Excellence and experience

At ISZL, we recognise that our most important asset is our staff. We are a community where positive relationships are central to the mission of the school. Practices that establish and nurture relationships between staff, students and parents are embedded into school life. There is a culture of mutual respect that supports our global community, to learn and live together in harmony. With employees from almost 40 countries, we are international in every sense and have a vast array of world experiences to share.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation World School and the only school in Central Switzerland offering the IB programme to ages 3 – 18, ISZL attracts a high quality staff seeking to grow in their careers. The excellence of our programmes and our ideal location makes ISZL a desirable school in which to learn, work and teach.

Profile of an ISZL Professional

For our Faculty and Staff, we seek professionals who are:

  • Motivated by our mission statement.
  • Truly care about the academic and personal development of the students.
  • Believe in the need for continued professional development.
  • Practice working with parents as partners.
  • Possess the personal values that are aligned with our values and those of the International Baccalaureate.

Believers in Life-Long Learning

At ISZL, we encourage our staff to stay up-to-date with new trends as well as learn fresh strategies, techniques and methods for enhancing student learning. With that goal in mind, ISZL has developed a Professional Development programme for our employees and also provides in-service days twice per school year.

Importance of Child Protection

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students. ISZL has a Code of Conduct, a Child Protection Policy and procedures supporting this on-going commitment. All employees and volunteers are required to undertake a security clearance. This takes the form of a criminal records report and a special excerpt from Swiss criminal records for those working with children. Learn more about Child Protection at ISZL.

Faculty & Staff Demographics

Data as of August 2017

How to Work with us

If you are interested in working for ISZL, please learn more about our recruitment process.

Voices from our Faculty and Staff

Kevin Berndt
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I am a teacher and parent in the ISZL community. As a teacher I have found the staff to be warm and open...

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Vicki Gorman
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I am a  teacher at the High School and I am offering my perspective on ISZL as an employer and life in Switzerland. I moved abroad to be with my future wife and I had some big adjustments to make from living in California...

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Mark Newman
  • Faculty & Staff

The ever present respected rapport between students and faculty at the High School promotes open, honest and mature communication. I can sit down with a sports team captain and discuss...

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