University Preparation

Ensuring the best possible outcome for each student

At the High School, we take university preparation seriously to ensure the best possible outcome for each student as they look towards continuing their education. Open communication is the key to successful applications and acceptance, as student and family desires are matched with realistic academic and social choices.

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How ISZL's Counsellors assist our Students

Our counselling staff:

  • advises students and parents on the selection of courses and curriculum pathways at ISZL
  • arranges psychometric testing to help students decide what they would like to do once they leave the High School
  • Educates students and parents about external testing options and offers after-school preparation for SAT preparation
  • Host grade level meetings to provide overviews of the variety of higher education options, so that students are familiar with financial requirements, transcript and application processes, and course selection based on preferred country of study
  • Offers group sessions for UK UCAS registration and the USA Common Application
  • Invites universities and colleges to visit the school and allow students to engage with university staff in person to explore new options and gain more experience with the college and university application process

About University Entrance Requirements

Students and parents need to be aware of the many different entrance requirements across the world, certainly by the end of Grade 10 as course choices for the final two years at ISZL are critical. Many of our students select either the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme – often with a specified number of points in certain subjects -- or a number of Advanced Placement (AP) exams with a specified score. These requirements and their consequences are discussed in conjunction with students, parents and teachers with the College Counselling staff.

Grade 10

Formal university preparation meetings begin in the 10th grade with students and parents discussing AP and IB syllabuses and the recommended/required subjects for various courses or countries. Parents and students are welcome to arrange meetings with a College Counsellor to address their needs, questions and concerns.

Grade 11

In the 11th grade, students are encouraged to attend university presentations and to start meeting regularly with their College Counsellor so that by the end of the year they have a shortlist of universities to which they intend to apply. During this exploratory time students focus on their learning styles, their aspirations, and to honestly self-evaluate strengths and challenges. Drafting university essays begins late in the year and students are encouraged to talk to Grade 12 about their essays and advice on the application process.

Grade 12

12th grade is the time for applications. Depending on the country and the course, applications can be due as early as September or as late as after graduation in June. Students are advised to ensure they are well-prepared and aware of deadlines. Parents should be aware that universities are in contact with the applicant directly and not the school, college counselling office or parents. Teachers and College Counselling staff, particularly the subject specialists for UK applications, discuss university essays with students and provide advice on application processes. We encourage students to be true to themselves, and showcase their individuality and character that makes them likely candidates for admission to a university of their choice.



The ISZL Counselling Team is committed to following best practices to empower students to discover and achieve their potential as lifelong learners. ISZL Counsellors promote a positive school climate through a holistic and responsive programme in support of the current and future wellbeing of ISZL students.