Learning Support

English as an additional language


ISZL is an inclusive community and we pride ourselves on being able to support students with mild to moderate learning needs. Classroom teachers are sensitive to the needs of individual students and work closely with Learning Support specialists when students are recognised to have such needs. With highly experienced Learning Support teams in all of our divisions, we offer ISZL students tools and resources to help them achieve their full potential.

The purpose of these Learning Support teams is to identify students who may have learning needs in the form of a learning difficulty or a health impairment, which may impact their ability to learn. Once students are identified, the Learning Support staff are able to develop a personalised learning plan. 

We offer up to a maximum of four support periods per week, in the form of in-class support or student withdrawal for individual or small group instruction.

The Counselling Team follows best practices to empower students to discover and achieve their potential as lifelong learners. ISZL Counsellors promote a positive school climate through a holistic and responsive programme in support of the current and future well being of our students.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) support means extra English language support for students in Kindergarten to Grade 10 who come from non-English speaking backgrounds or have been educated in a language other than English.

If your child requires additional therapies such as speech and language therapy or occupational therapy, ISZL will supply you with a list of local therapists practising in various languages.