Mission and Guiding Statements

ISZL's Guiding Statements

We respect. We motivate. We achieve.



Founded in 1961, ISZL is a private, non-profit day school providing education for students aged 3 to 18 in Central Switzerland. We are an International Baccalaureate World School. Through dynamic and hands-on learning opportunities offered in and outside the classroom, a rigorous academic programme, community and service orientated experiences, and the international cultures represented by our community, ISZL connects students to the greater world around them.



Our Mission

We are a community of learners determined to make the world – or our corner of it – a better, kinder place. We reflect our values in everything we do so that we make the most of opportunities and challenges in a spirit of enthusiastic inquiry.



Our Vision

We help every student turn their learning into action, creating the opportunity to stretch themselves further and achieve more than they believe possible.




Our Values

We respect. We show empathy and are inclusive and thoughtful in our interactions with others. Every person is valued and valuable. 

We motivate. We inspire each other and grow by building on everyone's individual and collective passions.

We achieve. We create an exceptional learning environment focused on academic achievement and holistic development.




Our Learning Principles

Our Learning Principles guide how we design and facilitate learning in the classroom and beyond. Please view them here.





Learning into Action
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New Year, New Beginnings
Barry Dequanne, Director

As we embark on the new year and decade ahead, and in the spirit of new beginnings, it is with a sense of excitement, pride, and honour that we launch ISZL's new guiding statements.


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