Clubs and Activities



Our after-school Activities and Clubs Programme is designed to enhance student learning and personal development in line with our mission and vision.

We offer our grade 1-12 students a broad and diverse range of opportunities to:

  • Learn new skills or enhance existing skills and interests
  • Work with students from other classes and grades to make new friends
  • Learn about the importance of commitment and become more resilient
  • Develop creativity, independence, communication, and leadership skills through a variety of visual and performing arts, academic enrichment and service learning activities
  • Develop empathy and advocate for others through service learning projects
  • Work with peers and teachers to create an environmentally friendly school
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Step out of their comfort zone and pursue a passion

Most activities are run by qualified staff with no additional costs to parents.


The school year is organised in three seasons giving the students the opportunity to try different activities throughout the academic year. Some activities (instrumental orchestras, choir etc.) continue all year long. Fore more information on the activities, see our Extended Learning Program.

We offer four categories of activities to cover a range of over 30 different clubs each for primary, middle and high school students:

  • Visual & Performing Arts - for example: Drama, guitar band, manga art, photography, theatre production, wind or jazz band, movers & shakers.
  • Recreational Sports - for example: Soccer, unihockey,  swimming, running, ballet, climbing, badminton, fencing, bouldering, sailing, cross-fit, volleyball.
  • Competitive Sports - for example: Soccer, cross-country, unihockey, badminton, swimming, skiing, track & field, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, touch rugby.
  • Academic Enrichment & Student Leadership - for example: Digital Creators, German, leadership & action, forest adventure, chess, digital drawing, gardening, aquaponics/urban gardening, Swiss Young Naturalists Tournament, creative thinking, stop motion animation.


At primary and middle school, activities take place from 15:45 to 16:45 at the Zug school campus.  Some sports activities such as swimming and basketball take place off campus, and we provide free-of-charge transport to all external facilities. 

High school activities will generally take place from 16:00 to 17:00 at the Riverside campus in Hünenberg. Most activities take place at school, however we also rent specialised external facilities, mainly for sports activities (e.g. sailing, kayaking and cross-fit).

To learn more about your child's options, the current schedule and sign up details login to your parent portal.